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We are the cash 4 houses company in South Carolina, any condition any situation. 

Selling your home can be challenging. At Cash4Houses South Carolina, we make selling your home fast and easy. If you have a house you need to sell, and you want to get paid fast, then fill out our form below and get your fast, and fair cash offer today. No-obligations, ever!

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Get cash for your house fast with our simple, proven & friendly process.

People have many reasons for needing to sell their house and if you need to do it fast and for cash we’re here to help. We pay fair prices for houses that need repair, or when people need to sell fast. No sitting on the market, no need to repair a thing, no paying realtor commissions or even closing costs!

To get started, simply fill out a short contact form and we will reach out to you with a no-obligation offer estimate. You can even close the deal and get paid for your home in cash In as little as two weeks. No hassle. No realtor fees. No closing fees.





To start, simply fill out a short no-obligation contact form.


After you complete the contact form, we will contact you with a fair in cash estimate for your home.


Get paid in cash for your home in as little as two weeks. No closing fees. No realtor fees. No sitting on the market. No repairs.  Just cash in your pocket!

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At Cash4Houses South Carolina, we are all about making the selling process easy and simple. We are an up and coming company dedicated to helping our customers with their housing situations. People come to us for many reasons. Most of the time they are recently divorced, have a home in desperate need of repair, or just need to sell their home quickly and get paid! No matter why you're selling, you can trust that we will give you a fast and fair offer for your home.

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